Prep Students Work on Habitat for Humanity Build

Students help out on Habitat for Humnity build

During their 2014-15 Women Build in Madison Heights, Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County members found themselves working with volunteer students from Madison Preparatory Academy, a collaboration that came about by chance when HfHOC asked to use Madison Prep’s parking lot and facilities for its volunteers.

Now, in 2016, more Madison district students are at work on a new Habitat build. This time it’s the students from the Building Trades program at Madison High School, which provides certification in the construction trades upon graduation.

Since the fall, they’ve been working on a Habitat rehab in the 25000 block of Miracle Street, which began work in the summer with volunteers from Bank of America. Around 20 students have been visiting the site twice a week, on average. They built a shed from the ground up, signing it with their names, and went on to install flooring and various fixtures. They’re supervised by their teacher and longtime Habitat collaborator