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Videos can go here or in assignment or link section.  

Below I have embedded a video from Youtube into the code.  I can provide instructions for this if needed. 

Here is an uploaded video using the media button at the top of the editing toolbar.  Also listed, the specs for what is allowed.   

Max file size allowed:
100.00 MB
File extensions allowed:
*.qt, *.flv, *.asx, *.wm, *.wmx, *.wmp, *.wma, *.wax, *.wmv, *.wvx, *.avi, *.wav, *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.mpe, *.mov, *.m1v, *.mp2, *.mpv2, *.mp2v, *.mpa, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.m4a, *.m4v, *.mpv, *.mpeg4, *.m3u, *.mid, *.midi, *.rm, *.rma, *.rmi, *.rmv, *.aif, *.aifc, *.aiff, *.au, *.snd