Welcome to Madison Preparatory!

Madison Prep is a credit recovery high school program that offers all students the chance to  re-tool and experience opportunities they never thought possible! Our mission is to provide an environment that allows students to reclaim their academic focus. We provide non-traditional learners the opportunity to be successful by offering strong academic curriculum, on-line credit recovery courses, personalized instruction, state of the art technology and much more!!


Daily School Class Schedule - For all learners (Virtual and In-Person)

**as of 2/8/2021**

1st hour 7:45 - 8:43 

2nd hour 8:50 - 9:48 

3rd hour 9:55 - 10:53 

4th hour 

A lunch 10:53 - 11:16 

A class 11:23 - 12:21 

B class 11:00 - 11:23 

B lunch 11:23 - 11:46 

B class 11:50 - 12:21 

C class 11:00 - 11:58 

C lunch 11:58 - 12:21 

5th hour 12:28 - 1:26 

6th hour 1:33 - 2:31

Transitional Schedule for In-Person Learning

Monday, Feb. 8 – Freshman only report (all others virtual)

Tuesday, Feb. 9 – Sophomores only report (all others virtual)

Wednesday, Feb. 10 – Asynchronous for all students

Thursday, Feb. 11 – Juniors only report (all others virtual)

Friday, Feb. 12 – Seniors only report (all others virtual)

February 18th - First day for ALL in-person learners

Virtual Learning Resources

GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  https://classroom.google.com To access your classes, log-in using your school-issued student email account. View your email account in MISTAR through Student Portal and Parent Portal.

EMAIL: (not case sensitive) mad + last name + first initial of first name + last 2 digits of Student ID @stu.madisondistrict.org
EXAMPLE: madprovenzolas99@stu.madisondistrict.org
PASSWORD: (IS case sensitive, must use uppercase first initial) Uppercase First Initial of first name + lowercase first initial of last name + six-digit birthdate + !
EXAMPLE: Sp121309!
Madison Email Login Video
Installing Clever on iPad

Helpful How-To Videos: Google Classroom sign-in tutorial: https://youtu.be/3VJmZ2D5TVA
Google Meet/Hangouts: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miNtwZeE4NA What is Virtual Learning? (sample schedule and routine): https://www.youtube.com/watchv=Jj032rcsybc&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop
MISTAR STUDENT PORTALhttps://mistar.oakland.k12.mi.us/madison/studentportal/
Log-in to your student portal to view your gradebook and class assignments for each class.

ID: Student # Password: 6-digit date-of-birth, capitalized first initial, capitalized last initial (Example: Sam Smith born January 1st, 2000 - Password = 010100SS)

Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts (CASA): The Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts (CASA) will begin the 2020-2021 school year with remote instruction, and classes will take place during our regularly scheduled time, with teachers providing live instruction. 
Please see the attached letter from CASA's Director, Ms. Gebbie and continue to visit the website for all up-to-the-minute updates:  https://www.casa-online.org/
Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC SE):
Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast (OSTC-SE) has announced the decision for the 2020-2021 school year to begin with remote instruction. Students will be expected to attend their assigned AM or PM Live Instructor Sessions.  If a student is unable to attend a live session that day, they will be required to watch the recorded lesson, complete the assignments and/or assessments, as well as check-in with their instructor during scheduled office hours for feedback.  Once all of the 28 districts have finalized their schedules, an OSTC schedule will be provided. 
Please see both the letter and FAQ attached from OSTC's Dean, Amy Gole, and continue to visit the website for all up-to-the-minute updates:  https://www.ostconline.com/ostc-se

Log into Enrolltrack to see the status of your application with your Username and Password: https://oakland.enrolltrack.com/studentportal/#
If you need a reminder of your email address or username you set up for Enrolltrack, email Ms. Cauley: stacey.cauley@madisondistrict.org

Social Work and Counseling Resources: Visit Ms. Girson’s Google Classroom for resources and communication. 

Contact Ms. Girson to set up a meeting: bonnie.girson@madisondistrict.org

Visit Ms. Helchowski’s Google Classroom for resources, communication, and grade-level EDP Assignments (annual Educational Development Plans fulfill state requirements for educational and career goals).

Contact Ms. Helchowski: jennifer.helchowski@madisondistrict.org


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