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Edgenuity is up and running! 

Courses supported by this virtual, self-paced learning platform are all fully customized. Email or Remind message your teacher to obtain your username for log-in.

Edgenuity Log-In link: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student

EDP’s are ready to work on!

Visit Mrs. Helchowski’s ‘Counselor’s Corner’ page for weekly grade-level assignments. [Educational Development Plans (EDP) fulfill your yearly state requirements for educational and career goals]

Social Worker Resources:

Girson: https://girsonsswmadison.weebly.com/

Teacher Websites:

Benson: https://mskbensonmath411.weebly.com/

Bezy: http://bezymath.weebly.com/

Broomfield: broomfield101.weebly.com

Corbett: https://mrscorbettmadisonhighschool.weebly.com/

Current: https://currentonlineclassroom.weebly.com/

Davis: fraudavislanguagelearning.weebly.com

Doemer: http://madison-geometry.weebly.com/

Domsic: https://domsicmhs.weebly.com/

Emery: emeryonlineclassroommhs.weebly.com

Eplin: eplinclassroom.weebly.com

Helchowski: http://helchowskiscorner.weebly.com/

Hermiz: hermizontheweb.weebly.com

Hinkle: mhinkle.weebly.com

Kaljaj: kaljajonlineclassroom.weebly.com

Mason: masonmhs.weebly.com

Mitchell: mitchellonlineclassroommhs.weebly.com

Murawski: murawskionlineclass.weebly.com

Patterson: https://kpattersonmdps.weebly.com

Pethoud: https://madisonbandprogram.weebly.com

Randolf: msrandolfsclass.weebly.com

Sayajon: https://ivanna101.weebly.com/

Sledzinski: https://gsledzinski.weebly.com

Stoecker: https://madisonartclass.weebly.com

Vielot: https://missvielot.weebly.com/

Madison Prep is a credit recovery high school program that offers all students the chance to  re-tool and experience opportunities they never thought possible! Our mission is to provide an environment that allows students to reclaim their academic focus. We provide non-traditional learners the opportunity to be successful by offering strong academic curriculum, on-line credit recovery courses, personalized instruction, state of the art technology and much more!!



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